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Lake view of Thondamanaru (Photos with details)
Posted Date: 04/01/2015 (Sunday)     [photos]
Photos show in details the lake view of the beautiful scenery of Selva Sannithi Murugan temple, newly constructed bridge, remaining exploded bridge, River mouth (where Thondamanaru - chundikulam lagoon meet Bay of Bengal) and its adjacent areas including Mangroves, both side of lake, Sluice gate, newly built Water tank etc. Thondamanaru lake is considered.....
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Annual cultural events held at Valvettithurai yesterday (Full event Photos attached)
Posted Date: 02/01/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
The Annual cultural event of 'Valvai Kalai Ilkkiya Manram’ held yesterday, on 01st of January 01-01-15 at Sivan and Amman common outer road, Valvettithurai. The events had commenced at 16.30 hours.The event was headed by Viswaruban, head of the 'Valvai Kalai Ilkkiya Manram’ Professor N.Shanmukalingan (Vice chancellor, Jaffna University).......
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Year end get-together held at Valvettithurai District hospital
Posted Date: 31/12/2014 (Wednesday)     [photos]
It was a good time for family fun and fellowship, including those retired staff, as the Valvettithurai district hospital held their year end get-together on 25th of Thursday, December 14. The event that had commenced at the Hospital hall at about 10 in the morning, where Mr.Ketheeswaran (RDHS - Jaffna)....
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Video - Overflowing beautiful Vavunikkulam in Vanni mainland
Posted Date: 28/12/2014 (Sunday)      [videos]
Video shows the beautiful scenery of the Vavunikkulam and its surrounding areas. Vavunikkulam, which is the second largest water reservoir in Vanni, Srilanka. It is probably one of the prominent tourist spot in the Vanni mainlad, but fails to attract tourists due to various reasons, while the the largest Iranamadu Kulam attracts many.
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Overflowing Vavunikkulam, the 2nd largest Water reservoir in Vanni, Srilanka (Photos)
Posted Date: 28/12/2014 (Sunday)     [photos]
Photos show the beautiful scenery of the Vavunikkulam and its surrounding areas. Vavunikkulam, which is the second largest water reservoir in Vanni, Srilanka. It is probably one of the best tourist spot in the Vanni mainland, but fails to attract tourists due to various reasons, while the the largest Iranamadu Kulam attracts many.
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Flying 3 LED kites in series at Valvettithurai, probably first time in Srilanka!
Posted Date: 27/12/2014 (Saturday)     [photos]
Three numbers of Kites, decorated with numerous lights are flying in series, i.e one after the other, at Thiruvil, Valvettithurai. Kites which are in 8, 6 and 4 foot high in size, about 125 meter apart from each other, have been fixed with more than 1000 numbers of of various types of bulbs, including LCD bulbs. Prevailing strong North east Monsoon is too favoring.......
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Valvettithrai Police soccer tournament - Prize giving ceremony held yesterday
Posted Date: 26/12/2014 (Friday)     [photos]
Prize giving ceremony of the soccer tournament held yesterday at Kottawaththai Rangers play ground. The tournament, that had been organized by Valvettithrai Police official, had commenced on 20th and ended day before yesterday. The event had commenced at about 1930 hours, where Valvettithurai Police Inspector D.S.Mithin had participated as chief guest. The event....
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P.Bharathiraja speech in Jaffna - Exclusive Video
Posted Date: 22/12/2014 (Monday)      [videos]
Video shows the speech of Mr.P.Bharathiraja in Jaffna, during a release of short film called 'Onaan', made by students of Jaffna University. Mr.P.Bharathiraja, who is the well known film maker in Southern India tells about his Jaffna visit in his speech shown in the Video.
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Video - Thiruvempavai & Thirupalliyelluchi songs at Valvettiturai, Jaffna
Posted Date: 20/12/2014 (Saturday)      [videos]
Video shows songs of Thiruvempavai and Thirupalliyelluchi sung at Valvettithurai, Jaffna on 20th December 2014. morning at about 4 o clock. Thiruvempavai is a penance observed by unmarried girls of those times to get good husbands.
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Strong Monsoon hammers fishing in Palk Strait
Posted Date: 20/12/2014 (Saturday)     [photos]
Strong North east Monsoon, which is on peak now, badly hammers fishing activities in the coastal belt of Palk Strait from Thondamanaru to Point Pedro, including Valvettithurai. Active strong NE Monsoon as well as atmospheric disturbance are still affecting the weather in this area, causing a wind speed of 15-22 Nautical miles per hour (Beaufort scale of 5 to 6),.....
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Video - Valvettithurai floods on November 27th 2014
Posted Date: 18/12/2014 (Thursday)      [videos]
Video shows the flooding of Valvettithurai on November 27th, 2014 during a strong North east monsoon. The areas shown in the video include Thiruvil Public Park, adjacent Thiruvil pond, Play ground, Canal leading to the sea, Uthayasuriyan beach etc.
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Veteran Artist T.Nadarasa is honored with Kalapusanam award
Posted Date: 17/12/2014 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Veteran artist Thillaiyambalam Nadarasa (Sivalingam) has been awarded with ‘Kalaa pusana’ (கலாபூசணம் in Tamil) this year of 2014. The 65-year-old artist, a symbol of simple, had captivated many audiences in the last 40 years, towards number of traditional arts, including 'Udukku' and 'Silmapaddam'........
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Stranded Trawler abandoned in VVT coast
Posted Date: 17/12/2014 (Wednesday)     [photos]
A Trawler that had stranded 2 weeks ago at Orikadu, Valvettithurai, has presently been abandoned after removing essential machineries such as Main engine, fishing gears etc, viewing as beyond economical repair due to its hull failure. The Trawler which belongs to Matara of Southern Srilanka, had met with Engine failure during strong North east monsoon while fishing at High seas......
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Annual Kite Festival to be held at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 16/12/2014 (Tuesday)     [photos]  [videos]
The annual Kite festival of Valvettithurai Vikneswara community centre is scheduled to be held on 15th of January 2015 at Uthayasooriyan beach, Valvettithurai. The below attached invitation gives further details about oncoming event. The Kite Festival which is to mark Tamil New Year (Called Thai pongal in Tamil) is open to all the public......
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Video - 1 foot high vehicle on trail at Thondamanaru, Jaffna
Posted Date: 14/12/2014 (Sunday)      [videos]
Video below shows the trail of a locally made one foot high vehicle at Thondamanaru, Jaffna...................
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Blood donation camp held at VVT Police station today
Posted Date: 14/12/2014 (Sunday)     [photos]
TVS Lanka (PVT) Ltd organised a blood donation camp at Valvettithurai Police station on today 14th of December 2014. The campaign which commenced at about 0900 hours has lasted till about 1030 hours. Number of persons including Valvettithurai Police staff...............
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One feet high Vehicle on trail at Thondamanaru, Jaffna
Posted Date: 14/12/2014 (Sunday)     [photos]
A locally made tiny vehicle merely one feet of high was on trail yesterday at Thondamanaru, Jaffna. An old man Kathiraverpillai Jehanathan, who is interested on vehicles designing, has designed this tiny mechanism successfully by using tiny two wheeler engine and imported specially designed Tyres from London. The vehicle......
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Jaffna based Hari named Young Cricket Coach of the Year in London
Posted Date: 12/12/2014 (Friday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai of Jaffna based Hari Ilanko has been named as the Young Cricket Coach of the Year 2014 in London by the England Cricket Board (ECB). The 21 year old Hari Ilanko, who is currently coaching in Lohana Cricket club, London, was nominated on 15th of October 2014 for the award.....
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VVT Police arrests 5 person with 150 KG of illegal drugs at Polikandy
Posted Date: 08/12/2014 (Monday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Police has arrested five persons with illegal drugs of Cannabis while attempting smuggle from Polikandy seas. The boat bearing a registered number 0FRB-A-4094-JFN, which was carrying 150 KG of Cannabis (கஞ்சா Kancha in Tamil) was caught by VVT Police from a tip off at about 3 in the morning. All the five persons who were arrested....
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Fishing by casting of Net - Environmentally friendly method
Posted Date: 08/12/2014 (Monday)     [photos]
Photo shows a fisherman is casting his net to catch fishes in Thondamanaru lagoon, Jaffna. This method of fishing is called ‘Vechchu Valai’ in Tamil. Even though ‘Vechchu Valai’ has got limitations in fishing, still it is considered as one of the best method of fishing due to the absence of machinery and fuel –i.e it does not pollute..............
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Valvai based UK citizens donates to the flood affected people in Sri Murugan Colony, Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 03/12/2014 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai based UK citizens, mainly from London, on today has come in support of people affected by the floods in Sri Murugan Colony, Thiruvil, Valvettithurai, by donating relief kits costs Rs 1,00,000/-. The relief kits which mainly consists of dry foods and essential items were handed over to the affected people of 53 families directly by Valvettithurai.ORG representatives..........
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FIFA Head declared open Jaffna Football Stadium at Ariyalai
Posted Date: 03/12/2014 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Sri Lanka’s first ever purpose built football training facility was declared open in Ariyalai of Jaffna yesterday on 2nd December of 2014 at about 1330 hours, by visiting FIFA Head, Sepp Blatter. Initiated in 2010, the Jaffna Stadium and training facility, which costs 60 million, is funded by FIFA and the German Embassy. The Minister of Sports, Mahindananda Aluthgamage...
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Valvai based US citizens donates to the flood affected people in Policandy
Posted Date: 30/11/2014 (Sunday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai based US citizens, Mr and Mrs Keethan on today has come in support of people affected by the floods in Polikandy of Valvettithurai, by donating relief kits costs Rs 25,000/-. The relief kits which mainly consists of dry food were handed over to the affected people directly by Us in the presence of relevant G.S (J/393) Mr.Thavanesan, today........
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A Matara Trawler stranded in Valvettiturai coast (2nd lead, re-edited)
Posted Date: 29/11/2014 (Saturday)     [photos]
A Trawler has been stranded today morning at the coast of Valvettithurai, just opposite of Chithambara College. The stranded Trawler which belongs to Matara of Southern Srilanka, has left few days ago for fishing at High seas in Bay of Bengal. According to the fishermen of the stranded trawler, the trawler was on fishing off Point Pedro High seas and got its engine....
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Rains continue to lash Jaffna Peninsula
Posted Date: 28/11/2014 (Friday)     [photos]
Heavy rains continued to lash several parts of Jaffna Peninsula yesterday and today including Coastal regions of Vadamaradchi of the northern Jaffna, under the influence active North East monsoon leaving agricultural fields, ponds and low lying land in several areas submerged under water and disrupting normalcy of the public. As per Meteorology department report, today, Jaffna has recorded 120.3 mm.......
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Heavy rain batters Northern Jaffna
Posted Date: 27/11/2014 (Thursday)     [photos]
North east Monsoon brings heavy rain to the Northern part of Srilanka including Vavuniya, kilinochchi and Jaffna Peninsula. The Heavy rain which continues for last few days have battered northern part of Jaffna since morning till afternoon. The heavy rains on today in Vadamaradachi forced................
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Kārttikai flower (Flame lily) - causes to blossom in this month
Posted Date: 27/11/2014 (Thursday)     [photos]
Flame lily is a tuberous herb, which is widespread in tropical and southern Africa and in tropical Asia. The generic name Gloriosa means ‘full of glory’ and the specific epithet Superba means ‘superb’, alluding to the striking red and yellow flowers. Since it causes to blossom in the month of November, it is being called as ‘Kārttikai flower’ by Tamils in Srilanka. (Kārttikai means the month of November).......
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NPC members on tree planting at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 27/11/2014 (Thursday)     [photos]
A tree planting campaign was held at Valvettithurai junction and Valvai Netgozgu common play ground premises yesterday at about 1500 hours to mark the Northern Provincial Council - NPC's November 'Tree planting month'. The Northern Provincial Council's Agriculture and Environment Minister P. Ayngaranesan, NPC Ministers Mrs.Ananthi Ezhilan, Mr.Sukirthan, Mr.Kayatheepan, Valvettithurai Urban Council
[Read more...]
North east Monsoon brings rain to Jaffna Peninsula, Poor visibility is observed
Posted Date: 24/11/2014 (Monday)     [photos]
North east Monsoon which begun couple of weeks ago, brings considerably heavy rain to Jaffna Peninsula, including to Vadamaradchi and its coastal areas. Rainwater is observed in many places and normalcy of life is slightly affected due to continuous raining today in the morning. Considerably rough seas and strong winds are also observed in the coastal areas in......
[Read more...]
Dairying & Thillaiyadi Pond at Pokkanai, Uduppiddy
Posted Date: 23/11/2014 (Sunday)      [videos]
Video shows Dairying of Cows and a Pond, named as 'Thillaiyadi Kulam' in Tamil. Dairying of Cows are still common in Jaffna Peninsula in small and large scale. 'Thillaiyadi Kulam' having an area of 40,000 square meter, which facilitates the surrounding farm lands. The pond is said to have Crocodiles during rainy season. The area shown in this............
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