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Temples in Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 12/03/2015 (Thursday)     [photos]
Number of Photos shown below witness worship of the people of Valvettithurai (also called VVT), which is extremely enthusiastic about religious matters since long ago. Over 30 temples, greatly differ in sizes, including two Churches, are found within the one-time densely populated war torn Valvettithurai city area. Reconstructing of couple of temples were being rising from...
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Wedding ceremony held at sea of Valvettithurai, Srilanka
Posted Date: 06/03/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
It is for the first time in Jaffna Peninsula of northern Srilanka to have a marriage ceremony out at sea. The couple, Baheerathan and Banumathy, who are studying their higher studies in Jaffna, wedded after one year engagement, at sea of Palk Strait, just opposite to revady beach,Valvettithurai. The wedding had taken place at a locally made tiny pleasure craft, which is...
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Jaffna lagoon attracts migrated birds
Posted Date: 03/03/2015 (Tuesday)     [photos]
Hundred of migrated birds were seen yesterday in Vallai – part of nation’s longest lagoon. Birds from different continents and other parts of Srilanka are travelling to Jaffna annually, viewing its tropical climate throughout the year. Furthermore the topography of the longest Jaffna lagoon (Chundikkulam – Thondamanaru lagoon) appears to be providing suitable shelters to the..
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Ariyakulam - Does it add the rich look to our Jaffna City?
Posted Date: 28/02/2015 (Saturday)     [photos]
Photos show ‘Ariya Kulam’, a deserted tank located in the heart of Jaffna town, along the Point Pedro – Jaffna road (AB 20) Srilanka. Ariya Kulam now neither add the rich look to this historical city nor useful for irrigation. No any renovation has been made to this abandoned tank in the past, except ‘Shramadana’. Thank tank has got a length of 900 meters....
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No coaching, No rehearsal; wonder how devotees performs snake dance – Video
Posted Date: 26/02/2015 (Thursday)      [videos]
Video shows a commonly seen devotional snake dance performed during the annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muththumariamman temple on last year, 2014. The 9th day festival called ‘Snake festival’ attracted many devotees, where couple of devotees dance themselves to the instrumental songs performed by ‘Thavil’ and ‘Nathaswaram’ Artists....
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Abandoned former LTTE supporter hospitalized in Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 24/02/2015 (Tuesday)     [photos]
An abandoned former supporter of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE), Mr.Venkadasalam Arumaichandran (60) has been hospitalized at Valvettithurai district hospital today. Mr.Arumaichandran, who was living in a damaged abandoned building at Valvettithurai junction, was found to be in an almost unconscious state today morning and transferred to the hospital by an.....
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“Let us protect our right to access clean drinking water” Open invitation for awareness campaign
Posted Date: 12/02/2015 (Thursday)    
Place: Near Commercial Bank, Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 06 Date : 15th February 2015 Time: 9.00am - 11.00am
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Another forgotten hero of Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 08/02/2015 (Sunday)     [photos]
Article written below in Tamil by A.Athiroobasingam, details out – a forgotten hero – Mr.Yogarathnarasa, who made a record of floating on the surface of the water by tying his hands and legs on 28.03.1980. He has made record of 72 hours at Revady beach of Palk Strait, Valvettithurai, Jaffna, Srilanka. Number VIP’s including Guinness Record Holder Mr.Ananthan.....
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Right way to phone
Posted Date: 07/02/2015 (Saturday)    
Very often we hold our phone between neck and shoulder during the conversation, keeping the neck tilted to one side or the other when our hands are engaged in some other task. While doing this, we may not realise that it is very bad for the neck, back and shoulder and could lead to strained muscles. If our job requires us to spend considerable time on the phone......
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Video - Sangupiddy Bridge on Mannar – Pooneryn - Karativu (A32) Road
Posted Date: 04/02/2015 (Wednesday)      [videos]
Video shows Sangupiddy Bridge (Also called Changkupiddy Bridge) on Mannar – Pooneryn - Karativu (A32) Road is a road bridge across Jaffna Lagoon in northern Sri Lanka. It connects Sangupiddy in Kilinochchi District to Karaitivu in Jaffna District. It is one of only two road bridges connecting the densely populated Jaffna Peninsula with the mainland, while.................
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Sivajilingam declares open Valvai community centre
Posted Date: 03/02/2015 (Tuesday)     [photos]
Opening ceremony of Valvai community centre held today on 3rd February 2015. The event was headed by Mr.Rathnakumar (President of the community centre), where Mr.M.K.Sivajilingam, member of Northern Provincial Council, participated as the Chief Guest. The community centre was declared open at about 1730 hours by Mr.Sivajilingam, who was then ....
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Car overturns at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 02/02/2015 (Monday)     [photos]
A car travelled on KKS – Point Pedro has overturned near Orikadu, Valvettithurai, due to the engine failure. However all the four passengers including the driver, travelling in the car, have narrowly escaped with no injuries? The car that had the engine failure while underway had lost control and collided with tree prior overturning. Valvettithurai Police have visited ...
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Ravi proves again
Posted Date: 30/01/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai based Mr.Nageswaran Ravi has been awarded as a best Cattle breeder in Jaffna district. He was awarded by Ministry of agriculture of Northern Province, during the ceremony of ‘Farmers festival’ held on 25th of January, at Vavuniya Urban council’s hall. Photo shows Mr.Ravi is rewarded by NPC Chief Minister Mr.C.V.Vikneswarn with certificate.....
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Vaiswa honours Capt.Siluvaithas
Posted Date: 30/01/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
Valvai seafarer welfare association (Vaiswa) has honoured Capt.Siluvaithas for his excellent services towards recruiting seafarers in the past. The event took place on 27th of January 2015 at the Valvettithurai modern market’s hall. Speakers, mainly from marine community spoken out about Capt.Siluvaithas’s recruiting services, especially what he tendered to Valvai...
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Video - Drive through fog in A9 road, Kilinochchi, Srilanka
Posted Date: 21/01/2015 (Wednesday)      [videos]
Video shows an unusual fog appears along the A9 Highway, somewhere near Kilinochchi of Northern Srilanka, where visibility becomes very poor.
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Arial view of Kites which beautified Valvettithurai Sky yesterday on Kite festival
Posted Date: 16/01/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
Photos below show an Arial view of Kites which had beautified Valvettithurai Sky in Jaffna, during the Kite festival, organised by Valvettithurai Vikneswara Community Centre, by celebrating the 'Thaipongal'. The festival had commenced at 1430 hours and lasted till 1900 hours, where more than 60 Kites had participated in the Competition.
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Great Kite Festival - 2015 at Valvettithurai (Full events Photos are being attached)
Posted Date: 15/01/2015 (Thursday)     [photos]
About 60 kites of all shapes, colours, sizes with dimensions were setting the sky over beautiful Uthayasuriyan beach - one of the prominent beach at the Point pedro – KKS road. Prevailed North east monsoon which favored kites flying on beginning, had reduced her strength slightly at the later part, thus hindering some of the kites from flying to the blue sky.
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Taj Mahal gets first place in Kite competition held today
Posted Date: 15/01/2015 (Thursday)    
In the annual “Thaipongal” air kite festival organized by “Valvai Vikneswara community centre’, Taj Mahal - one of the symbol for love and which is one the wonders of the world has secured the first place in the great kite competition. It was interest to see lot youths were keen too see the Photographs with the winning Taj Mahal.
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Another religious cultural events at VVT, Tiny Vinayagar idioms are dissolved at sea today
Posted Date: 15/01/2015 (Thursday)     [photos]
Another religious cultural events collecting of tiny Vinayagar idioms, which were kept in the houses in the past one month is taking place at Valvettithurai now. On collection Vinayagar idioms, they will be dissolved at sea, near Orani, Valvettithurai.
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Kites beautify Valvettithurai Sky in Jaffna, Kites festival commences with more than 60 Kites (Photos are being attached)
Posted Date: 15/01/2015 (Thursday)     [photos]
Annual “Thaipongal” air kite festival organized by “Valvai Vikneswara community centre’ has soared with success in Valvettithurai, Jaffna today. The kite Kite competition, which had commenced in time at 1430 hours, have attracted mass crowd than last year, including other parts of Jaffna peninsula.. (Photos are being attached as the event goes)
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Valvettithurai Urban council is dissolved w.e.f 01.01.2015
Posted Date: 12/01/2015 (Monday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Urban council is dissolved with effect from 01.01.2015. The decision has been taken by Northern provincial council Chief Minister C.M.Vikneswaran. Relevant Government Gazette notification, made under Chapter 255 of the Urban Council Ordinance, No. 67 of 1939 read with Section 2 of the Provincial Council (Consequential Provisions) Act, No....
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105 year old lady still walking in the garden in Jaffna, celebrates her birthday today (Photos and Video)
Posted Date: 10/01/2015 (Saturday)     [photos]  [videos]
Nadarsa Nallamma, who celebrates her 105th birth day today 10.01.2015, literate, speaks Tamil with few words of English, lives in a house which has surrounded by greeneries at Kerudavil, Thondamanru of Jaffna peninsula. Even though it is common to see persons of 100 years old in the different part of the world, it is uncommon to see a lady having passed 104
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Migrated birds are seen in Jaffna lagoons
Posted Date: 08/01/2015 (Thursday)     [photos]  [videos]
Video and Photos show birds which have migrated searching for food in Vallai region of Thondamanaru - Vallai road. Usually it happens twice in a year, i.e. during summer and north east monsoon (winter season of northern hemisphere). The birds are said to be travelling from a distance of thousands miles in search of food and warmer climate. Vallai is an open....
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First Video from Thondamanaru lagoon and its River mouth
Posted Date: 05/01/2015 (Monday)      [videos]
Probably this is the first Video shows the view of Thondamanaru, from its Lagoon. View includes famous Selvasannithi Murugan Temple, Sluice gate, new Bridge, remaining of the exploded old bridge, newly built water tank, River mouth etc. This area was a strategic point during the war between the Srilankan Government forces and Liberation tigers of Tamil Elam...
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Lake view of Thondamanaru (Photos with details)
Posted Date: 04/01/2015 (Sunday)     [photos]
Photos show in details the lake view of the beautiful scenery of Selva Sannithi Murugan temple, newly constructed bridge, remaining exploded bridge, River mouth (where Thondamanaru - chundikulam lagoon meet Bay of Bengal) and its adjacent areas including Mangroves, both side of lake, Sluice gate, newly built Water tank etc. Thondamanaru lake is considered.....
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Annual cultural events held at Valvettithurai yesterday (Full event Photos attached)
Posted Date: 02/01/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
The Annual cultural event of 'Valvai Kalai Ilkkiya Manram’ held yesterday, on 01st of January 01-01-15 at Sivan and Amman common outer road, Valvettithurai. The events had commenced at 16.30 hours.The event was headed by Viswaruban, head of the 'Valvai Kalai Ilkkiya Manram’ Professor N.Shanmukalingan (Vice chancellor, Jaffna University).......
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Year end get-together held at Valvettithurai District hospital
Posted Date: 31/12/2014 (Wednesday)     [photos]
It was a good time for family fun and fellowship, including those retired staff, as the Valvettithurai district hospital held their year end get-together on 25th of Thursday, December 14. The event that had commenced at the Hospital hall at about 10 in the morning, where Mr.Ketheeswaran (RDHS - Jaffna)....
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Video - Overflowing beautiful Vavunikkulam in Vanni mainland
Posted Date: 28/12/2014 (Sunday)      [videos]
Video shows the beautiful scenery of the Vavunikkulam and its surrounding areas. Vavunikkulam, which is the second largest water reservoir in Vanni, Srilanka. It is probably one of the prominent tourist spot in the Vanni mainlad, but fails to attract tourists due to various reasons, while the the largest Iranamadu Kulam attracts many.
[Read more...]
Overflowing Vavunikkulam, the 2nd largest Water reservoir in Vanni, Srilanka (Photos)
Posted Date: 28/12/2014 (Sunday)     [photos]
Photos show the beautiful scenery of the Vavunikkulam and its surrounding areas. Vavunikkulam, which is the second largest water reservoir in Vanni, Srilanka. It is probably one of the best tourist spot in the Vanni mainland, but fails to attract tourists due to various reasons, while the the largest Iranamadu Kulam attracts many.
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Flying 3 LED kites in series at Valvettithurai, probably first time in Srilanka!
Posted Date: 27/12/2014 (Saturday)     [photos]
Three numbers of Kites, decorated with numerous lights are flying in series, i.e one after the other, at Thiruvil, Valvettithurai. Kites which are in 8, 6 and 4 foot high in size, about 125 meter apart from each other, have been fixed with more than 1000 numbers of of various types of bulbs, including LCD bulbs. Prevailing strong North east Monsoon is too favoring.......
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