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Thondamanaru Lagoon, Selva Sannithi temple, Bridge, River mouth & Boating
Posted Date: 29/05/2015 (Friday)      [videos]
Video shows attractive Thondamanaru lagoon, the famous Selva Sannithi Mrugan temple, sluice gate, newly constructed Bridge, river mouth etc. Thondamanaru is perceived as one of the most attractive place in Jaffna Peninsula. Video also shows boating too in the lagoon.....
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On this date at Valvettithurai – Operation Libration, first ever major offensive in Srilanka
Posted Date: 26/05/2015 (Tuesday)    
The Operation Libration (or called as “Vadamaradchi Operation), the military offensive was commenced on this date of 26th May 1987 to capture Vadamaradchchi, including Valvettithurai. “Operation Libration” is considered to be first ever conventional warfare in Srilanka after the British rule. It is also considered as the first Major offensive against Liberation....
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Hartly college Student participates in Intel’s global science competition (ISEF) held in USA
Posted Date: 21/05/2015 (Thursday)     [photos]
Mahendran Sivatharshan from Point Pedro Hartley College has participated in the 65th International Science and Engineering Fair, the world largest international pre-college science competition held in Pennsyivania, USA. Total 1700 participants from 70 countries have participated in the competition, which was held from 10 the May till 15 the ...
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Vattappalai Kannakai Amman Temple history and Video
Posted Date: 19/05/2015 (Tuesday)      [videos]
Video shows the famous Vattappalai Kannakai Amman Temple, located in Mullaitivy, northern Srilanka. Vattappalai, on the western shore of the Nantikadal, about two from Thanniyuttu, is celebrated for its temple of Kannakai Amman and the annual festival there. Vattappalai is a place where the water never dries up (Vatta = Dryup)
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Rescue drill at sea
Posted Date: 14/05/2015 (Thursday)     [photos]
Photo shows a helicopter is carrying out rescue drill to evacuate sick crew member from a merchant ship at sea. While keeping its position with a vessel which is making way through the water, a rescue team member boards the vessel by winching to designated ‘Winching area’ of the ship. Unlike shore.........
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Ancient historic Portuguese fort at Pooneryn in Northern Srilanka - Video
Posted Date: 09/05/2015 (Saturday)      [videos]
According to the history, this famous Pooneryn (or Poonakary, Poonakari) Fort was built in Poonakari area by Portuguese in 1770 in order to protect their possessions in Jaffna, after controlling the entire coastal areas of the mainland Srilanka. Following the Portuguese, the Dutch got control of this fort and expanded. Finally it fell into the hands of British
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Valvettithurai divisional Hospital receives bronze medal
Posted Date: 09/05/2015 (Saturday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai divisional Hospital has been awarded 3rd place in the Inter divisional hospital's competition, organised by Provincial directorate of health services, Northern province. The awarding ceremony was held on March 14th, where Northern Province Chief Minister Mr.C.V.Vikneswaran participated as the Chief guest and given the awards to the the Awardees. Dr.Kalaiselvi, the District Medical Officer.....
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Ancient historic Portuguese fort at Pooneryn, northern Srilanka - Photos
Posted Date: 08/05/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
According to the history, this famous Pooneryn (or Poonakary, Poonakari) Fort was built in Poonakari area by Portuguese in 1770 in order to protect their possessions in Jaffna, after controlling the entire coastal areas of the mainland Srilanka. Following the Portuguese, the Dutch got control of this fort and expanded. Finally it fell into the hands of British....
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Vaettithurai proves again, the single largest unique festival in Jaffna ends
Posted Date: 05/05/2015 (Tuesday)     [photos]
The great festival of “Inthira-Vasantha Vizha” considered as the single largest unique festival in Jaffna Peninsula, drew countless number of people yesterday. The celebration that used to be on the last day annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumari Amman temple had commenced just after the sunset, in the stretch of two kilometres on the Point Pedro – KKS.....
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The great festival commences at the Island well known place
Posted Date: 05/05/2015 (Tuesday)     [photos]
The long – awaited great festival – Inthira Vasantha Vizha, at Valvettithurai Amman temple has commenced today evening. The festival which is put on by entire people of Valvettithurai with many separate events at various places from Orani to Orikadu, along the Point Pedro – KKS road. The road has temporarily been closed since morning due to the presence of ...
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Holy bath festival draws large numbers of devotees at Orani beach, Jaffna
Posted Date: 04/05/2015 (Monday)     [photos]
Large number of devotees took holy bath today at Orani beach, during the last day annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple Followed by special Pooja today early morning, the chief deity along with other deities reached the site of holy bath – Orani beach, which is located at about 1000 meter east of VVT junction along the Point Pedro – KKS road. ..
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Srilankan army celebrates Vesak in Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 03/05/2015 (Sunday)     [photos]
While the Buddhist main festival of Vesak (Wesak) is celebrated Island wide, the Srilankan military personnel at Valvettithurai too celebrate the festival. Srilankan military camp, located at Valvettithuari is decorated with traditional Vesak lightings to observe the festival. Vesak generally falls on the full moon day of April and is celebrated in many asian countires, including ...
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Hundreds of devotees mass at VVT Amman temple’s chariot festival
Posted Date: 03/05/2015 (Sunday)     [photos]
The chariot (“Ther” in Tamil) festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple, in Jaffna peninsula was held today, 3rd May 2015. Having commenced with special Pooja at about five in the morning; Chariots commenced to underway at about 0830 hours on outer roads of the temple. Large numbers of devotees, including those VVTrs from other parts of the...
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Sapparam temple festival held, large numbers of devotees attend
Posted Date: 03/05/2015 (Sunday)     [photos]
The Sapparam festival - 13th day annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple was held today. Having commenced Pooja at about 1900 hours, the deity was taken to the Sapparam, which had been traditionally decorated. Sapparam commenced underway in the outer roads of the temple at about 2100 hours amid loud slogans of mass number ..
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Tiger hunting festival held
Posted Date: 02/05/2015 (Saturday)     [photos]
The traditional tiger hunting festival - 12th day annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple was held yesterday. The traditional event of hunting of tigers was simulated at the outer road of the temple when goddess was underway. While aerial fireworks show rocking the sky, Tamils traditional martial art of ‘Silampaddam” etc attracted the...
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Backs to 90, temporarily shelter over the road for devotees on temple festival
Posted Date: 21/04/2015 (Tuesday)     [photos]
While attracting large crowd of devotees during the commencement of the annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple yesterday on 20th, the notable festival seems to be bringing the events practised before 90s. Photo shows a temporarily shelter made over the road, at Aladi Valvettithurai, along the Point Pedro – Kankesanthurai ..
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Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman Temple annual festival commences today
Posted Date: 20/04/2015 (Monday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple annual festival has commenced today, 20th April 2015, by hoisting the temple’s flag at the Tower at about 1130 hours. Considerable numbers of devotees were present for the commencement of the festival, which commenced at about 1000 hours in the morning. The festival lasts for 15 days, where the chariot festival will be held on..
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Windmills in Kilinochchi, preserving the environment
Posted Date: 17/04/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
Photos below show newly constructed windmills in the Palai area of Kilinochchi district, northern Srilanka. The project was initiated by the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) with foreign funds given with the aim of preserving the environment. There are total of 16 windmills, 80 feet in height, located in the Pulopalai, Vallimunai and Pooneryn lagoon areas. The project.....
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Rescuing a sick crew member from a ship by a Helicopter (Video)
Posted Date: 15/04/2015 (Wednesday)      [videos]
Video shows two helicopters on a rescue mission to evacuate sick crew members from two merchant ships at sea. In the first mission, the sick person is lifted by winch for which a chopper rescue personnel is boarding the vessel by winching to designated ‘Winching area’ of the ship. In the second mission, the chopper itself.....
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Valvettithurai based couple praised inTrichy by A.I.R for cattle breeding
Posted Date: 15/04/2015 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai based couple, living in Santhanur of Trichy district in Tamil Nadu, have been praised in a Monthly magazine, sponsored by All India Radio,Tiruchirapalli station. K.Rajamohan and Vishaka Rajini, origin of Valvettithurai, Srilanka, said to be having Cow breeding, which they have started with a single pair of Cow. Having identified their achievements....
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Valvettithurai based Kumaresan gets Tamil Nadu government award for online Tamil dictionary
Posted Date: 14/04/2015 (Tuesday)     [photos]
Valvetithurai based T.Kumaresan has been announced by as the best awardee for the category of ‘Kanani Thamizh’ (Computer Tamil) in Tamil Nadu. The announcement of all the awardees of ‘Chithirai Thirunal Award – 2015 were officially announced by the Tamil Nadu government yesterday. While declaring the......
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Thula Kavadi in Jaffna
Posted Date: 10/04/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
Thula Kavadi (துலாக்காவடி in Tamil) is a action performed by the devotees during the ceremonial worship of Lord Murugan mainly in northern Srilanka, which is also considered as the most potent propitiatory rite that a devotee of Lord Muruga undertakes to perform towards Muruga. It is often performed during the annual festival of Hindu temples in Jaffna Peninsula,
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752 Bus service resumes in Jaffna
Posted Date: 06/04/2015 (Monday)     [photos]
After many years 752 Bus service, between Point Pedro and Jaffna town, has resumed today. A ceremony of this resumption of the Bus service was held at Valvettithurai junction at about 1000 hours. Deputy Minister Mrs.Vijayakala Maheswaran, NPC members Deniswaran and M.K.Sivajilingam, Aswar (Director of Northern Province, SLTB), T.Jeyaselan (Point Pedro Divisional...
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Swiss based Anpe Sivam donates 200 Bicycles at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 05/04/2015 (Sunday)     [photos]
A Switzerland based Tamil community organization has donated 200 Bicycles to the needy especially schools students yesterday at Valvettithurai, Jaffna. The event took place at 'Valvai Sri Muthumariammn cultural hall' at about 1000 hours. Tamil parliamentarians, NPC ministers, Director of education of Northern province, members of 'Anpe Sivam' community centre, students and public participated at the events.
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Valvettithurai Sivan temple Holy bath festival held
Posted Date: 04/04/2015 (Saturday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Sivan temple holy bath (‘Theertham’ in Tamil) festival held today morning at the site of temple's holy well. God’s idols were taken to the site of the well at about 0800 hours in the morning and holy bath lasted till about 1100 hours. Valvai Sri Vaitheeswarar emple’s annual festival is considered as one of the important events in Valvettithurai....
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Silambam - traditionally precised Martial art by Tamils (Video)
Posted Date: 04/04/2015 (Saturday)      [videos]
Silambam is a weapon-based martial art traditionally practiced by the Tamil community in Tamil Nadu and Northern Srilanka. Thus silambam was named after its primary weapon, the bamboo . Masters are called asaan (ஆசான்). There are 2 Asaans in Valvettithurai. One is late Sothisavam, while another is Mr.Sivagnanam, who has got Kalapusana award last year. The Video....
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Hundreds of devotees massed at VVT Sivan temple chariot festival
Posted Date: 03/04/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
The chariot (‘Ther’ in Tamil) festival of the historic Valvettithurai Sivan temple in Jaffna Peninsula was held today, where hundreds of devotees participated at the event. Having performed special Pooja in the morning, the Chariots commenced to underway in the long four sides outer roads of the temple at about 1100 hours and reached their destination at about 1130 hours...........
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Opening ceremony of Saraswathi statue held at Aliyavalai School
Posted Date: 27/03/2015 (Friday)     [photos]
Opening ceremony of newly made Hindu goddess ‘Saraswathi’ statue, which was designed and built by Valvettithurai based Mr.V.Rajendran, held at Aliyavalai C.C.Tamil mix School on 03.02.15. The event was headed Mr.K.Baskaran (Principal of Aliyavalai C.C.Tamil Mix School), where Mr.M.Chirrambalam (The former Principal of Aliyavalai C.C.Tamil mix School)...
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Palk Strait swimmer M.Navarathnasamy Statue opening ceremony held
Posted Date: 25/03/2015 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Palk Strait swimmer Mr..Muruguppillai Navarathnasamy’s statue opening ceremony was held today at Thondamanaru, Srilanka. The memorial statue, which is built at Thondamanaru junction – adjacent to the Thondamanaru lagoon, was declared open by Mr.I.Jeyaseelan, Divisional Secretariat of Point Pedro, at about 1030 hours. Mr.Ramachandran (elder son of Navarathnasamy), villagers and well wishers participated at the event, which was live telecast by ‘Dan TV’....
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Obituary Notice - Mrs.Rajasundareswary.Kandasamydurai
Posted Date: 18/03/2015 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Obituary Notice - Mrs.Rajasundareswary.Kandasamydurai
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