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Valvettithurai Sri Muththumariyamman temple ‘Theertham’ festival held
Posted Date: 25/04/2013 (Thursday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Sri Muththumariyamman temple ‘Theertham’ festival held today morning at Orani beach. Large numbers of devotees, including devotees of Valvettithurai origin from Colombo and over seas as well, have participated in the festival.
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Valvettithurai Sri Muththumariyamman temple Chariot festival held
Posted Date: 24/04/2013 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Sri Muththumariyamman temple chariot festival held today morning. Large numbers of devotees, including devotees of Valvettithurai origin from Colombo and over seas as well, have participated in the festival amidst of hot air, measuring a temperature of over 35 degree Celsius.
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Chithambara College initiates Online Database
Posted Date: 21/04/2013 (Sunday)    
Chithabara College has reported to have initiated its On-line Data base so as to unite all its past pupils living in Srilanka and overseas as well.
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PM foundation renovates Valvettithurai Children cemetery
Posted Date: 16/04/2013 (Tuesday)     [photos]
The PM foundation has taken initial steps to renovate Valvettithurai Children cemetery, by clearing all garbage, debris etc. The cemetery, which has been paid attention by neither official nor public so far, is located along the KKS-Point pedro road, adjacent to Valvai Mahalir School.
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Valvettithurai Amman temple annual festival commenced today
Posted Date: 11/04/2013 (Thursday)    
Valvettithurai Sri Muththumaariyamman temple annual festival have commenced today, 11th Apr 13. Considerable of number of devotees were present for the commencement of the festival, which commenced at about 1100 hours morning.
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Laid foundation stone for the new market in Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 07/04/2013 (Sunday)    
The foundation stone for the new vegetable market was laid today, in Valvettithurai. The ceremony took place at about 1200 hours, where members of Valvettithurai urban council and number of civilians were present at the site of the event.
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J/Chithambara College student passes SLAS exam
Posted Date: 30/03/2013 (Saturday)    
Ramathas Ramesh, who living at Oorani of Valvettithurai, has passed in Sri lanka Administrative Service Exam (SLAS). Mr.Ramathas Ramesh had completed his G.C.E (A/L) Commerce, at J/Chithambara College in 2005 academic year and got result of 3A, where he was ranked as 6th in district level and 260th Island wide.
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Valvettithurai Sivan temple chariot festival held today
Posted Date: 26/03/2013 (Tuesday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Sivan temple chariot festival was held today morning. Thousands of devotees from Valvettithurai and its adjacent villages of Valvetty, Kamparmail, Komantharai, Kerudaavil and Thondaimanaaru had participated in the annual Chariot festival.
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Valvettithurai Sivan temple new chariots (Ther) trail held
Posted Date: 19/03/2013 (Tuesday)     [photos]
Trail for the newly constructed chariots (Ther) were held today, in Valvettithurai Sivan temple. New chariots of conventional and modern type constructed for Goddess ‘Amman’ and Gods ‘Ninayaka’ and ‘Murukan’ had been trailed in the outer road of the Sivan temple to day morning, by number of devotees from Valvettithurai and its adjacent villages.
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Valvettithurai Sivan temple annual festival commences today
Posted Date: 12/03/2013 (Tuesday)    
Considerable of number of devotees from valvettithurai and its adjacent villages were present for the commencement of the festival. The festival lasts for 15 days, where the chariot festival will be held on 26th Mar 13, followed by ‘Theerththam’.
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Opening ceremony of Valvettithurai UC held
Posted Date: 02/03/2013 (Saturday)    
The Opening ceremony of Valvettithurai Urban council held on 01st of Mar 2013 at about 1300 hours. The event was headed by Mr.Nadarajah Anantharaj, who is the present Chairman of Valvettithurai UC, where Mr.Sandrasiri, the Governer of Northern Province and Minister Mr.Douglas Devanada were the Chief guests.
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The annual festival of Valvettithurai Church held today
Posted Date: 20/01/2013 (Sunday)     [photos]
The annual festival ("Sepasthiyaar perunaal") of Valvettithurai Church held today. The festival had commenced at about 0800 hours and lasted till 1100 hours. About hundred of people from Valvettithurai and its surrounding village had visited the Church, which had been decorated for the festival. The church is located at the Valvettithurai junction along the K.K.S – Point Pedro road, and which is one the historical landmark in Valvettithurai.
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A successful Kite competition held in Valvettiturai.
Posted Date: 15/01/2013 (Tuesday)     [photos]
A colorful kite competition was held in Valvettithurai yesterday, 14th Jan 2013 on the event of 'Thai ponkal'. The event was held on Valvettithurai 'Uthayasooriyan' beach, where a number of kites were brought to the competition and almost all of them were observed as very competitive and unique. Large number of people, from all over Jaffna Peninsula, where presence to see the Annual kite competition, which is being held by the Valve Uthayasooriyan Sports club during the 'Thai ponkal' day.
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Cricket coach of Northern province, Mr. Puspakumara visits Valvettitthurai
Posted Date: 05/01/2013 (Saturday)     [photos]
Mr. Raveendra Puspakumara, Cricket coach for the Northern province, have visited Valvettitthurai on 3rd Jan 13. Mr. Puspakumara particularly visited ‘Valvai Netgolu playground’ and presented cricket accessories to ‘Kalukukal Sports club’ and had given cricket coach to the students.
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Annual ‘Kalai illakkiya vizha’ held in Valvai
Posted Date: 03/01/2013 (Thursday)     [photos]
Annual ‘Kalai illakkiya vizha’ of 'Valvai Kalai Ilkkiya Manram’ was held in Valvettithurai on 01.01.2013. The cultural event had commenced at VVT junction, by inviting the Guests from junction to 'Nidiyakatu Pillaiyar Kovil', where stage program were taken place.
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Get-Together of HCPPA Point Pedro - 2012 held at about 10:00 AM at the College Hall.
Posted Date: 29/12/2012 (Saturday)     [photos]
A get-together of HCPPA (Hartley College Past Pupil Association) had been held on the last Thursday (27.12.12) at about 1100 AM at the Hartley College Hall, where number of past pupils were present. The event was headed by Mr.S. Thiruvakaran (President of HCPPA) by commencing with 'Silence of honor, lighting of auspicious lamp and College Anthem. An introductory speeches were given by past pupils, followed by
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Get-Together and Lunch of HCPPA Point Pedro - 2012
Posted Date: 26/12/2012 (Wednesday)    
HCPPA (Hartley College Past Pupil Association) Point Pedro Branch (Parent Body) is holding its Annual Get-together and Lunch for the past pupils of Hartley College on this Thursday, December 27th 2012 at 10:00 AM at the College Hall. All past pupils of Hartley College are welcome with their families. Further details as follows;
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Christian community celebrates Christmas in Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 25/12/2012 (Tuesday)     [photos]
Number of resident Christians had gathered at the Valvettithurai Church to offer prayers and celebrate Christmas Day on December 25. Father of the church in-charge, conducted all proceedings in the event on the 24th from late evening till midnight.
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First Radio of Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 21/12/2012 (Friday)     [photos]
Shown in the photos below is the first Radio brought and used in Valvettithurai. The Radio had been brought to Valvettithurai about 72 years ago by Mr.Amman Sellaththurai. It is learnt from senior citizens of VVT that it was the only means widely used during first world war to get to know the news.
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New classes commenced in VEDA
Posted Date: 17/12/2012 (Monday)     [photos]
New classes of grade 9, 10 and 11 for the year 2013 have commenced in VEDA (Valvai education and development association). The respective notice issued by VEDA have been attached below.
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The opening ceremony of 'Valvai Vikneswara Preschool and Library' held today
Posted Date: 14/12/2012 (Friday)     [photos]
The opening ceremony of 'Valvettithurai Vikneswara Preschool and Library' was held today at about 0900 hours, marking an notable Preschool in Valvettithurai. The ceremony was headed by Mr.L.Kirupakaran (Vice president of Valvai Vikneswara Library), where the 'Pre-school and Library' was officially opened by Mr.T.Jeyaseelan (Divisional Secretary, vadamarachchi North, Point Pedro).
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Mathavady Arasarathnam Memorial arch is under renovation
Posted Date: 13/12/2012 (Thursday)     [photos]
The 'Arasarathnam memorial arch', located at Mathavady of Valvettithurai, is now being renovated. The memorial arch was built in late 1970's by Valvai Uthayasooriyan Sports club so as to commemorate Mr.R.Arasarathnam, who was the active member of Valvai Uthayasooriyan Sports club.
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Valvai A.M.T.M.School's 'Price giving' events held on 10.12.12
Posted Date: 10/12/2012 (Monday)     [photos]
The Annual Price giving events of Valvettithurai 'American mission Tamil mixed School' were held on 10.12.12, at the School's general hall. The events was headed by Mr.P.Sakthivel, the Principal of A.M.T.M.School
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North east Monsoon brings heavy rain to Jaffna Peninsula
Posted Date: 25/11/2012 (Sunday)     [photos]
North east Monsoon which begun couple of weeks ago, brings heavy rain to Jaffna Peninsula, including to Valvettithurai. Rainwater is observed in many places and normalcy of life is slightly affected due to continuous raining. The Jaffna Peninsula is most fertile, being irrigated from numerous wells, which are being filled during North east Monsoon from late October till beginning of January.
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Huge water tank built in Thondaimanaru
Posted Date: 19/11/2012 (Monday)     [photos]
One of the tanks which are being built to meet the needs of fresh water to Vadamaradchi is being built near Chelvachannathi on the other side of the river.
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Kites fly higher in Valvai
Posted Date: 15/11/2012 (Thursday)     [photos]
Kites season, with the North East wind, has commenced in Valvai. Even though kites are flown Island-wide, Valveittithurai and Point Pedro are popular places for flying Kites in varieties with an art work. There used to be a Kite competition, in Valvai at Uthayasooriyan beach, during 'Thai Pongal' festival, where numerous kites are expected to fly against wind
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'Valvai Inaiyam' - We are in Facebook
Posted Date: 15/11/2012 (Thursday)    
In order to circulate important News of Valvettithurai and its outskirts as qiuck as possible, We have entered into Facebook, which is a paramount medium nowadays, two weeks ago. Our Facebook ID is 'Valvai Inaiyam'. We take an opportunity to thank all who have joined with us in the Facebook so far.
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Mr.R.S.Sivasupramaniam (Export and Import controller, Retired) and Mr.V.Velum Maiyilum (A.G.A, Retired) honored in Valvai
Posted Date: 11/11/2012 (Sunday)     [photos]
Mr.R.S.Sivasupramaniam (S.L.A.S, Export and Import controller, Retired) and Mr.V.Velum Maiyilum (S.L.A.S, AGA, Ponit pedro and Trincomalee, Retired) have been honored to day (11th of Nov 2012) in Valvettithurai. The ceremony had started, today morning, at Nediyakadu Pillaiyar kovil, accopanying by groups of Bands of 'Ganapathi Palar Padasaalai', Valavai Sivaguru Vidthyasalai and Valvai Chithambara College.
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Valvai citizens, in France, are holding their Golden Evening today
Posted Date: 04/11/2012 (Sunday)    
Today the citizens of Valvettithurai who are living in France are holding an event "Pon Malai Poluthu" (The Golden Evening), and it will be telecast-ed live from 2.00 pm.
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Special telephone number for Disaster Relief Services
Posted Date: 03/11/2012 (Saturday)    
Disaster Relief Services Center has introduced a special telephone number for all Sri Lanka's to contact and inform their problems. People affected by flood landslide and cyclone can contact telephone number 011-2670002 from any part of Lanka.
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