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Annual kite festival held at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 16/01/2018 (Tuesday)     [photos]  [videos]
Annual “Thaipongal” air kite competition organized by “Vikneswara community Centre’ has proved again with success at Valvettithurai, Jaffna on 14th Jan 2018, witnessing participation thousands of people from various parts of Jaffna Peninsula. The event headed
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Valvettithurai Kite Festival 2018 commences
Posted Date: 14/01/2018 (Sunday)     [photos]
Annual Thaipongal" air Kite Festival has commenced at Valvettithurai Uthayasuriyan beach on today amid large number of crowd. The event organized 'Valvai Vikneswara community centre' is expected to attract large number of crowd to the beach, as more number kites than earlier expected to....
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Deep depression crosses over Colombo, brings Gale wind & heavy rain
Posted Date: 29/11/2017 (Wednesday)    
A deep depression which is presently passing nearby Srilankan Capital Colombo brings heavy rain and Gale force winds on its path. Indian meteorological department released a statement saying that The depression over Srilanka.........
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Maaveerar naal 2017 held at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 27/11/2017 (Monday)     [photos]
Hundreds of people across the Vadamaradchi gathered at Thiruvil, Valvettithurai to mark Martyr day ('Maaveerar Naal') today evening. The main flame of remembrance was lit at 6.05 by Mrs.Kinniyamma, the mother of 'Murali' and 'Kinni', following which a thousand.........
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Thiruvil square decorated ahead of Maaveerar Naal
Posted Date: 27/11/2017 (Monday)     [photos]
Public of Valvettithurai and adjacent villages decorated the Valvettithurai Thiruvil square in red and yellow flags ahead of the 'Maaveerar Naal' today on November 27, with posters and banners in remembrance of the Maaveerar. The remembrance shrine dedicated to.................
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Prabaharan's birthday celebrated in his hometown (2nd lead)
Posted Date: 26/11/2017 (Sunday)     [photos]
Libration tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Veluppillai Prabaharan birthday was celebrated in his hometown - Valvettithurai in Northern Srilanka. Several numbers of youth from Valvettithurai cut a cake today early morning in front of Prabaharan's home located at Alady on Point Pedro...................
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LTTE’s martyrs remembered at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 21/11/2017 (Tuesday)     [photos]
On the eve of LTTE’s martyrs day of November 27, LTTE’s senior members were remembered at Kamparmalai, Valvettithurai. At 1805 hours LTTE’s prominent slain members – Sathyanathan, Pandithar and Malathy – portraits were declared open by Mrs.Sinnathurai, mothr of Pandithar..,.................
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Young swimmer receives four medals in swimming competition in TN
Posted Date: 20/11/2017 (Monday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai based young swimmer Thanuja Jeyakumar won 4 medals on Saturday at Tamilnadu state junior inter school swimming competition 2017 held at Coimbatore,Tamil nadu. The 11 year old female swimmer...
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North east Monsoon brings heavy rain to Jaffna
Posted Date: 11/11/2017 (Saturday)     [photos]
Northeast Monsoon, which begun on last weeks ago, continue to bring heavy rain to Jaffna Peninsula, including to Vadamaradchi and its coastal areas. Flooding is observed in many places and normalcy of life is affected due to continuous raining which lasts until today in the morning...................
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Athiroobasingam’s funeral held at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 14/07/2017 (Friday)     [photos]  [videos]
Valvettithurai based well known teacher, drama artist, speaker and a writer Athiroobasingam who died on 6th was cremated in his notable home town Valvettithurai on 12th July 2017, after performing the funeral religious ceremony at his home. Under the blue sky, a traditional group of Parai musical band accompanied his coffin to the grave yard of Orani,...
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Athiroobasingam Master no more
Posted Date: 06/07/2017 (Thursday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai born Writer, Teacher, speaker Mr.Arumugam Athiroobasingam, 78, passes away on today at Point Pedro district hospital after becoming ill yesterday. Athiroobasingam, also renowned as a poet, drama artist and writer and written number of books, including the first book,founder of this Website, about LTTE martyr ‘Kala paliyil muthal puli’ (First Tiger to die in the war) about Sathyanathan...
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Foundation stone laying ceremony of Guinness record holder Ananthan memorial swimming pool held
Posted Date: 26/05/2017 (Friday)     [photos]
The foundation stone laying ceremony of valvettithurai born Guinness records holder Kumar Ananthan memorial swimming pool was held today on 26th May 2017, at revady, Valvettithurai.Finance and Mass Media minister Mangala Samaraweera, Sports minister Dayasiri Jeyasekara, deputy minister of Sports H.M.M.Hariees, State minister of Child Affairs Mrs ..
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Valvettithurai based fruit product firm to participate in First India - Commonwealth SME Trade Summit
Posted Date: 21/05/2017 (Sunday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai based ‘Ever Tree Fruit Products (Pvt) Ltd’ - a small firm, which produces fruit products, has been selected to participate in First India - Commonwealth SME Trade Summit, to be held in New Delhi, India, on 30th-31st May 2017. The selection was made after ‘’Sri Lankan Export Development Board” officials along with Sri Lanka Inventors Commission official s ...
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Valvettithurai Indra vizha marks 50 years, attract mass crowd
Posted Date: 11/05/2017 (Thursday)     [photos]
The great festival of “Inthira-Vasantha Vizha” considered as the single largest unique festival in Jaffna Peninsula, had drawn thousands of people yesterday at Valvettithurai – a tiny notable coastal town in Srilanka. The celebration, that used to be on the last day annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumari Amman temple, had commenced just after the sunset, in the.
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Srilankan police celebrates Vesak at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 11/05/2017 (Thursday)     [photos]
While the Buddhist main festival of Vesak (Wesak) is celebrated Island wide, the Srilankan police personnel at Valvettithurai too celebrate the festival. Srilankan Police station, located at Valvettithuari junction is decorated with traditional Vesak lightings to observe the festival. Vesak generally falls on the full moon day of April or May and is celebrated in many Asian countries,...
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Valvai amman temple Holy bath festival held
Posted Date: 10/05/2017 (Wednesday)     [photos]
The holy bath - last day annual festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman held today at Orani beach, Valvettithurai. Followed by special Pooja today early morning, the chief deity along with other deities reached the site of holy bath – Orani beach, which is located at about 1000 meter east of VVT junction along the Point Pedro – KKS road....
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Chariot festival held at Valvettithurai amman temple
Posted Date: 09/05/2017 (Tuesday)     [photos]
The chariot (“Ther” in Tamil) festival of Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple was held today, 9th April 2017. Having commenced with special Pooja at about 7 in the morning; Chariots commenced to underway at about 0930 hours on the outer roads of the temple. Large numbers of devotees, including those VVTrs from other parts of the....
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Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman Temple annual festival commences today
Posted Date: 26/04/2017 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai Sri Muthumariamman temple annual festival has commenced today, 26th April 2017, by hoisting the temple’s flag at the Tower at about 1030 hours. large numbers of devotees were present for the commencement of the festival, which commenced at about 0800 hours in the morning. The festival lasts for 15 days, where the chariot festival will be held on ...
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Valvai annual sports meet held
Posted Date: 16/04/2017 (Sunday)     [photos]
Sports and athletics have been an integral part of Valvettithurai for years immemorial. Keep up the tradition, Valvai sports club again organized a sports meet on yesterday, as a final day of events of sports which had commenced 2 months ago. Mr.M.K.Sivajilingam (Member of Northern provincial council) and Mr.G.Velayutham (Founder of Sivan foundation) graced the occasion as the....
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Multi talented VVT youth passes away
Posted Date: 16/04/2017 (Sunday)     [photos]
A multi talented youth Sivanathan Nimalan (Kutty), 27, died on Saturday, April 15, due to the illness in the respiratory system. Nimalan, who is the former leader of Valvai sports club, had participated in many sports events by representing Valvai sports club in the past. Nimalan, who was having many inherent talents and expert in making conventional kites – an another identity of....
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Valvettithurai Sivan temple annual chariot festival held today
Posted Date: 10/04/2017 (Monday)     [photos]
The chariot ('Ther' in Tamil) festival of the historic Valvettithurai Sivan temple (Valvai Sri balambika sametha vaitheeswarar temple) was held today, where hundreds of devotees participated in the festival..Having performed special Pooja in the morning, the Chariots commenced to underway in the outer roads of the temple at about 1100 hours and reached their destination at about 1200 hours, where....
[Read more...]
Elackiya Sithamparanathan wins the International Award for Excellence
Posted Date: 18/03/2017 (Saturday)     [photos]
Elackiya Sithamparanathan has won the International Award for Excellence for On Sustainability Collection, Volume 12 Champaign, Ill., USA – February 2, 2017. The Sustainability Research Network has announced on its press release that the selection of “Implementing Bioremediation Technologies to Degrade Chemical Warfare Agents and Explosives from War Affected Regions in Sri Lanka.....
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Sea sports held at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 17/03/2017 (Friday)    
Sea sports organised by Valvai sports club were held today at Valvettithurai, Jaffna. Several events such as sea swimming under 21 age, sea swimming (over 21 years), Rowing of boats and race by the sea (Called 'Vaddi oddaam' in tamil, which is a rare traditional sport event of this area) etc were held at Valvettithurai seas since morning till noon.
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Valvettithurai kites flown in Colombo
Posted Date: 17/02/2017 (Friday)     [photos]
"The kites makers from Valvettithurai had flown twenty kites in various designs at the Galle face Green in Colombo on 12th Feb 2016. The most of the Kites which were put on display at the annual kites’ competition on the Valvettithurai uthayasuriyan beach on the Thaipongal day 14, January, were brought to Colombo and flown in the back drop of the high rise building.........
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Dance student Pratheepa awarded
Posted Date: 06/02/2017 (Monday)     [photos]
Valvettithurai based Pratheepa Rathnasothi has been awarded for a ‘National musical dance poem 2016, held at Nelum Pokuna Theatre on 6th October 2016. The award was presented by Mr.S.B. Navinna, Minister of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs on 28.01.17 during an opening ceremony of cultural centre at Puttalai. Point Pedro. Pratheep, 20, was a student.........
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Chief Minister Vikneswaran declared open tourist facilities at Valvettithurai beach
Posted Date: 05/02/2017 (Sunday)     [photos]
Northern provincial council Chief Minister Mr.C.V.Vikneswaran declared open newly built several tourist facilities of Valvettithurai revady beach on today 5th February 2017. The event headed by secretary of Valvettithurai urban council Mr.Prasath, commenced at about 1600 hours. NPC members Vinthan Kanagarathnam..............
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Church similar appearance to Nagapattinam Velankanni is built at Valevttithurai
Posted Date: 30/01/2017 (Monday)     [photos]
A Church very similar appearance to the most famous Nagapattinam Velankanni Matha Church of Tamilnadu, is being built at Valvettithuta, Jaffna, as a renovation of a Mary Matha church, which was found on February 28th 1985. The stone lying ceremony was held on 28 August 2016 and expected to complete by next month. Mr.Rasenthiram......
[Read more...]
Annual kite competition held at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 18/01/2017 (Wednesday)     [photos]
Annual “Thaipongal” air kite competition organized by “Vikneswara community Centre’ has proved again with success at Valvettithurai, Jaffna on 14th Jan 2017, witnessing participation of about 25,000 of people from various parts of Jaffna Peninsula.The event headed by Mr.B.Siva Anpu (President of the community Centre) commenced at about 1430 hours, where Mr.Dineswaran..............
[Read more...]
7th Annual cultural festival held at Valvettithurai
Posted Date: 05/01/2017 (Thursday)     [photos]
The annual cultural events of ‘Valvettithurai cultural organization’ was held on 1st Jan 2017, at the prominant temples road, Valvettithurai. The event was headed by Mr.K.Paramesh, the head of the Cultural organization, where Mr.R.Rajesh Kannan (Senior lecturer, Faculty of Sociology, University of Jaffna) participated as Chief Guest and Mr.A.Sivanathan...............
[Read more...]
Valvettithurai welfare association Australia helps affected in North and East
Posted Date: 20/09/2016 (Tuesday)    
Valvai welfare association Australia (Valvai Nalanpuri Sangam Australia) has helped over twenty families who are severely affected by the past ethnic conflict in the North & East of Sri Lanka. The Association has raised over $10 000 to help those who have unable to complete their daily tasks due to the injuries afflicted upon them during the war. It is said ...
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